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List of our product posters.

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Speed Marin Kish company with over twenty years allocate in the design and manufacture of variety of composite boats and floating docks which has an acceptable position in the country marine composite industry and pay attention to attract consumers.

Getting big steps can be thanks to technical and engineering staff of company for their grateful and interest in providing new works and noteworthy clients and particularly up to date products and approach to impact on improving the company own prominent goals.

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We Design & Produce

We do all you need!

  • Toofan 500

    Sportive style with strong
    blue and red colors.

    Fjord Image
  • Tourist 250

    Epic style with orange
    and brown colors.

    Fjord Image
  • Fireboat

    Light and warm style with
    lilac-purple shades.

    Fjord Image
  • Royal Family

    Dreamy, cool style with
    green and blue colors.

    Fjord Image
  • Fjord

    Fresh nordic style with
    blue color variants.

    Fjord Image
  • City

    Urban style with
    nice color contrasts.

    Fjord Image
  • Trekking

    Nature style with earth-
    colored shades.

    Fjord Image
  • Office

    Agency style with
    modern colors.

    Fjord Image

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Contact Us

Address: No.11, Port Complex, Kish Island, Iran.
Instagram ID: speedmarinekish
Mobile: +98 (912) 3158940
Email: info@smkish.com

Our Partners:

Karachem Co.